Let’s network!

How often have you attended a networking meeting with the intent to buy something?

Probably never. Which is why networking events have a reputation of being a room full of people trying to sell you something. At ASAC, we’ve created a different type of networking event.

The ASAC model for networking is about developing our subcontractor community by:

  • Creating and strengthening relationships across fields
  • Offering training and education through featured speakers
  • Discussing local and national issues that impact our industry
  • Supporting our community with fundraising activities

Growth for Chapter Member businesses occurs in multiple ways as a result of ASAC Networking Events. Over time and with consistent participation, you will establish trust with fellow members which will create opportunities for referrals. You will learn of the latest legislative developments that impact your business. You will receive training in the best business practices for growing and managing your company.

To access any of the Chapter Networking Events, please click on the Chapter links below and view their Upcoming Events. You may register for the events right on the page.

New Prospective Members can attend their first event for FREE!

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