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ASAC helps business owners run their businesses better.

Let’s face it, most of us didn’t become a subcontractor so we could run a business. We love the work we do and we’re excellent at it, but often the business part of the job is challenging and stressful.

  • Having trouble hiring?
  • Can’t keep up with the latest best practices?
  • Don’t know where to start when it comes to payroll?
  • Not sure how to grow your business?

ASAC provides members with ongoing business education and training services across a range of needs. From bookkeeping to employment, from marketing to insurance, from contracts to payment practices, we educate and train our members in several different venues:

Lorman Education Services
There are educational programs offered throughout the year for members in the form of webinars thanks to our partner, Lorman Education Services. For more information, see their program here:  
Monthly Meeting Speakers
Guest speakers are invited to local chapters to speak about both local and national issues that subcontractors face in the current market. Whether it is how to contract the size of your business with the slowing economy, or how to recruit qualified help to begin growth, topics vary within each chapter. Check our calendar today to see what is coming up!  
Subcontractors Education Trust
This trust offers more than 140 proven business packages for payment, safety, bonding, insurance and business management resources.  
Business Practices Interchange
This database of general contractors throughout the United States is maintained to provide subcontractor references on payment practices, contract clauses, job organization and more.  
General Contractors Council
This advisory council shares information with the membership about project challenges with different trades, reveals the expectations of subcontractors on projects, and listens to member experiences and concerns when working with a GC on a local project in order to better the industry in future projects.  
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