The American Subcontractors Association of the Carolinas (ASAC) is a two-state chapter under the framework of the American Subcontractors Association national office located in the Washington DC area. Within the framework of ASAC (chartered 6/13/69), there are approximately 300 member firms and eight subchapters. Activities in the Carolinas are coordinated through the ASAC office located in Lancaster, South Carolina. ASAC functions include:

  • Assistance to local chapters and their individual members with business problems. ASAC staff is available to assist members by answering questions and making referrals.
  • Maintains a database (Business Practices Interchange) of general contractors throughout the United States to provide subcontractor references on payment practices, contract clauses, job organization and more.
  • Maintains liaison with other statewide organizations in the industry.
  • Promotes professionalism in construction through the Professional Standards of Practice for Subcontractors.
  • Promotes legislation favorable to subcontractors and suppliers in the industry.
  • Publishes an annual membership directory, which is distributed to General Contractors, Architects and Owners for their use in soliciting bids.
  • Publishes the Carolina Subcontractor monthly newsletter, which is distributed to all members and many non-member construction professionals.
  • Coordinates the activities of the Specialty Trade Associations Council (STAC).
  • Holds an annual convention and trade show for the subcontracting industry in a resort setting offering educational programs relating to the current business climate and networking opportunities in a business and social setting.
  • Offers educational programs and networking opportunities at eight Carolinas Chapter locations through meetings, seminars and social events.
  • Provides financial assistance to subcontractors and suppliers that face lawsuits in which the legal expenses are either not affordable or are excessive in terms of the amount of money in controversy in the case through the ASAC Legal Assistance Fund Program.
  • Offers considerable discounts on more than 20 programs through the ASAdvantage/Premier Services.Programs range from discounted business services and safety products to relaxing leisure programs.
  • Offers more than 140 proven business packages for payment, safety, bonding, insurance and business management resources through the Subcontractors Education Trust.

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