Throughout the years, varying economic and political climates have  created challenging situations for subcontractors in business for themselves. One of the most important functions of the ASAC is to lobby on behalf of subcontractors for the passing of favorable laws and legislation.

2018 Tariff Proposal

In March, 2018 President Trump announced his intention to impose tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum imports. ASAC members expressed concern that in the fixed-price construction contract environment, the price volatility caused by tariffs could lead to project delays and defaults.


In addition, members expressed concern that implementation of the proposed tariffs could curb the growth trend in the construction industry, ending any hope of a new federal infrastructure program.

ASA Advocacy

The national task force for advocacy recommended to the ASA National Board that ASA call on President Trump and Congress “to consider the negative impact on the construction industry when finalizing policies on tariffs on steel and aluminum.”


The task force agreed that this nuanced policy would allow ASA staff to work with the administration and Congress to tailor the proposed tariffs to minimize the impact on the construction industry by, for example, exempting certain countries and/or including fabricated steel. The ASA Board approved the task force recommendation on the same day.


The Task Force on Government Advocacy then focused its discussion on how ASA can help its chapters and other individuals and groups advocating for construction subcontractors to evaluate and improve the mechanics lien and payment bond laws in their states.The task force reviewed and approved two legislative questionnaires that will help with this process. ASA then published the documents.

We Advocate for You

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