General Contractor Council

ASAC General Contractor Council

The ASAC General Contractor Council was established in pursuit of the following GOALS:

  • To promote open lines of communications between general contractors and subcontractors;
  • assist in developing educational programs beneficial to the entire construction team;
  • raise the level of professionalism for the entire construction team;
  • create an atmosphere that will enhance abilities to build with increased quality, safety and efficiency and
  • promote networking opportunities among general contractors and subcontractors.

The ASAC Board of Directors approved initiating the ASAC GCC pilot programs in the Carolinas two largest chapters, Charlotte NC and Charleston SC.

Membership to the council is by invitation only. Those general contractors invited to participate must meet the following


  • Actively work in local market
  • Fair and ethical treatment of subcontractors
  • Positive community acceptance
  • Commitment of upper level management for Council participation
  • Ability and willingness to provide educational programs
  • Willingness to work with subcontractors to promote professionalism in the construction community

CHARTER MEMBERS selected to serve on the ASAC General Contractor Council were introduced at the Charlotte Chapter, September 18th, 2001 meeting. Each member company presented a brief company overview and discussed why they are interested in the ASAC GC Council, what they expected to gain and what they intended to contribute.


  1. NBM CONSTRUCTION (Charleston SC Council Member)
  2. PALMETTO CONSTRUCTION GROUP (Charleston SC Council Member)
  3. TRIDENT CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. (Charleston SC Council Member)

The ASAC General Contractor Council members are to be commended for their interest in participating on this council, supporting the Contracting Bill of Rights and their willingness to invest their time and energy to help meet the goals of the ASAC GC Council.

ASAC member are expected to support the Contracting Bill of Rights and abide by the Professional Standards of Practice for Construction Subcontractors.

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